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Portal FB.ru

Authors of the thematic article on the FB.ru portal not just describe the all-terrain vehicle, its features and potential, but even answered the question: SHERP - What does this strange name mean for the all-terrain vehicle?

Портал FB.ru

Авторы тематической статьи на портале FB.ru не просто описали вездеход, его характеристики и возможности, но даже смогли ответить на вопрос «Что же означает это странное имя вездехода – «ШЕРП»?»

Медиаканал «Эфир24»

О том, как прошли всероссийские командно-штабные учения МЧС в Казани, читайте на новостном медиаканале «Эфир24». Там же размещен и видеоотчет с тест-драйвом вездехода ШЕРП.


О впечатлениях президента Республики Татарстан Рустама Минниханова от тест-драйва вездехода ШЕРП можно прочитать по ссылке. Там же размещено и видео заезда из инстаграма политика.

RIA News

Article with positive findings on a portal ria.ru is the best advertising the advantages of SHERP ATV! Of course, the site visitors enjoyed news of a new Russian ATV.

PH “Klakson”

Well, if anyone is an expert in technics, it is the journalists of PH Klakson. And their positive comments are the perfect proof of SHERP ATV off-road performance , manoeuvrability and reliability!

Men’s magazine MAXIM Online

Anton Gorodetsky, a journalist from the online version of Maxim magazine started his own notes with a rave reviews about SHERP all-terrain vehicles made by his American colleagues. And when the reader is acquainted with the technical specifications of our off-road car, he understands what caused the delight of the Western press.

Daily Mail Online

"The bizarre ‘mini monster truck’ that can go anywhere" is a very sounding title of an article of from the popular British weekly dailymail.co.uk. But twice as nice as the article itself is full of positive comments and conclusions.