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Daily Mail Online

«Le petit camion-monstre qui peut circuler n'importe où»: c'est la dénomination très bien étoffée de l'article de l'hebdomadaire britannique reconnu dailymail.co.uk. L'article contient seulement les commentaires positifs, c'est particulièrement agréable.


German auto-motor-und-sport.de site immediately set the record straight, started the article with an unambiguous phrase: "there where this car is not able to get, only the helicopter helps". Positive and, what is more important, an honest review of the site editor.


Tank-like ATV' pitched for Canada's North can crawl through sand, snow, water and ice.


Watch in awe as the SHERP absolutely owns the tundra in this riveting all-terrain video demo.

An article in the news section Yahoo.com!

An article about the Sherp in the news section of Yahoo.com! After all, the Russian ATV is becoming popular both at home and abroad, which attracts the attention of experts and lovers of extreme tourism.

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